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March 27, 2011
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Survive by Gizmoenut Survive by Gizmoenut
I ought to practice digital art, I haven't done it in so long. I'm working on your requests and plan to do them in this style too.
Plus the fact that art class in school can really get you thinking more about the picture as a whole. My teacher's been getting really strict on me lately about breaking my bad habits of lazy composition and uncoordinated color schemes, so I was trying to focus on fixing that here. I still need to work a lot on composition... ^^;

Let me know what you think!

EDIT: Well, I still don't have a name for him. At least not a concrete one.
Actually the character design was based off of a really old and rather dull character design I've had with me from about a year ago, "Daisuke"... I just threw a mask on his face and changed up the color scheme to something less seizure-causing. Still don't know what I really want to call this new-ish character here, Daisuke's not all that unique of a name...

EDIT 2: Put that earring behind the chains. It was killing the foreshortening and ultimately was breaking the laws of the universe. :iconfacepalmplz:

Listened to:
[link] (don't laugh. XD)
[link] (don't laugh at this either. What?! It's creative music I think :shrug:)
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I'll be honest. This... needs a little work. When I first saw this in the BSC submissions gallery, I sort of thought that this was a samurai lugia because of the long metal horns of the mask and the size of his hand. I think it mainly looks like this to me because it looks like his arm doesn't get larger as it gets closer, like there's just a giant fist attached to it. :P

Aside from that one flaw though, I hope your art teacher gave you at least a B+ on this work. It's very original and I like your background and character contrast. :) The colors are certainly very uniform and nothing seems to just jump out at me (aside from the fist). You definitely definitely have a way with the shading and detail that I like. :3
Gizmoenut May 27, 2011  Student General Artist
Thank you for your critique! I was trying to do foreshortening with the fist, so that the hand with the sword looks like it's coming at the viewer, but it didn't turn out like that at all. So you think that if I made the arm larger along with the fist, it will look more foreshortened (and less like a lugia hand? :P)
And I will definitely try more color contrast next time. :) This wasn't for school but I was trying to work on what we've learned in class to this personal project here. I still need a lot more practice on those things. :P Thanks for the tips!
More along the lines of the arm widening as it comes closer in perspective to the person. You're very welcome though! ^^
Good stuff, partner. I believe that if the blade had more detail on it ("shine"), it would make the drawing have more impact, and come off as more dynamic.
Gizmoenut Apr 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Thank you! And yep, a shinier or lighter blade would probably help with focal point. Thanks for the help! :)
13Athena Mar 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Gizmoenut Mar 28, 2011  Student General Artist
Aw thank you, haha :thanks:
Nightfrost-Icefang Mar 27, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Just wow. The perspective and the composition of this is AMAZING.
Glad to have you back, if at least for a little while. ^^

(Also, I love the Starfox Adventures music! That is my video game jam right there! That, and pretty much everything else composed by David Wise or Martin O'donnel (He did the Halo music, also very good.) You should also look up the music to Donkey Kong Country 2, it was also composed by David Wise. Very, very good music.)
Gizmoenut Mar 27, 2011  Student General Artist
Why thank you! :hug:
Yeah... when times are crazy art is a bit of a comfort

Starfox music is the best :) Sometimes I'd just stay in Ocean force point temple for the music. David Wise is awesome. I do know he also did the music for SSBB, but I haven't played the other games... I will be sure to check them out!
Nightfrost-Icefang Mar 27, 2011  Student Digital Artist
WhoawhoawhoawhoaWAIT. He also did the music for SSBB?! I did not know this!
So... how did he manage to make one of the remixes of one of his best pieces so terrible?! (Sorry. Personal opinion there, but I think the original way he composed Bramble Blast was better than the version in SSBB.)

But yeah, you should definitely check them out! (I love just running around Dragon Rock because of it's amazing music. XD )
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